Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mini-hangover diary

This falls under the “mini-hangover” category, as my hangover is neither here nor there. Because although we had another Bitchfest (read: work happy hour) last night, it wasn’t a Booze-a-palooza. So this is what I get for trying to go home early and getting into bed early, thinking I can sneak one past the Hangover Monster. Instead, he kicks me in the ass by waking me up at 5:30 am this morning, reminding me that I can’t sleep with any kind of alcohol in my system.

9:10 am – I have walked into the office. I have worn brown today. Brown is the color of our cubicle walls. Hopefully, I blend in and no one notices me here.

9:11 am – Someone noticed me.

9:13 am – Someone else noticed me as well.

9:20 am – This is getting to be a problem

10:38 am – Unfortunately, the Jedi Mind Trick is not working and people are penetrating my Invisible Wall, feeling the urge to converse with me today. This does not make me happy.

11:25 am – I wonder if anyone would actually say anything if I unfolded a cot underneath my desk and decided to chill out there for a little while?

12:01 pm – The Big Man wants me to go to a lunch meeting with him last minute and give the rundown on a big event we have in September to a dude I’ve never met before. I lie like a dog and tell him I have a conference call at 1. Maybe that’s when I’ll unfold the cot.

12:15 pm – Time to sneak out and pretend to get lunch before my "conference call" (air quotes!) at 1. Even though I brought lunch with me.

12:52 pm – Oh, what the hell. That noodle soup looked good, so I wound getting that. I’ll save the other lunch for tomorrow, which is also soup.

1:00 pm - What do you know? The conference call was cancelled!

1:25 pm – That other lunch turned to be pretty good as well. Love me those lentils.

1:52 pm – But those lentils don’t love me. I’ve been walking around smiling at everyone with a lentil skin covering one of my teeth, until someone was kind enough to point it out.

2:12 pm – I pretend to work on my computer. What I’m really doing is impersonating a snake and sleeping with my eyes open.

2:49 pm – Happy Halloween by the way.

3:52 pm – I’m so out of it, I forgot to post this live and keep it running throughout the day. But I’m doing it now?
4:40 pm - Actually, the day is ending on a high note with this photographic missive from C:

Because I'm not the only dog who had her day


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