Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bar-Mitzvahzilla

So I have to go to my cousin's son's bar mitzvah in a few weeks and I was looking forward to it. It meant we get to see our favorite other cousin and chill out on a three-day weekend in Montreal. C and I would have time to check out the Underground City, have brunch at our favorite spot, and take advantage of a three-day weekend.

My cousin, however, had other plans as per her e-mail. My wedding wasn't even this mapped out:

"Just a reminder that A's big day is fast approaching.

Here is the schedule for the Bar Mitzvah weekend:
Friday: casual supper at our place so we hope you can all join us !
Saturday: we will be busy having our hair and make-up done in the morning and the photographer will be at our home in the afternoon....
Saturday Night: cocktails at 6, ceremony at 7.....
Sunday: Brunch at our house ( details to follow ) and you're all expected of course !
Monday: no plans yet !!"

Don't even think of making fun of the yarmulke


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